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Careers Managers are only human - raising the profile of careers in your school

Careers managers are only human…multiple roles, not enough time, increasing workload, budget cuts …sound familiar? Time for things to change?  

This is the first of a four-part blog on raising the profile of careers in your school.

How do you challenge the concept that career education and guidance is the sole responsibility of the careers manager? There are a number of key aspects to consider:

  • establishing careers education and guidance as a whole school responsibility
  • supporting teachers to contribute to their students’ career education
  • supporting students to take greater responsibility
  • engaging parents      

Establishing career education and guidance as a whole-school responsibility

Career education and guidance is most effective when it is an integral part of school life. How do you embed a programme of careers education and guidance that is known and understood by students, parents, governors, teachers and employers? 

It involves significant changes for school managers, careers specialists, form teachers, classroom teachers and the community.  There is no single ‘magic bullet’ – it’s about doing a number of different things consistently and well. 

·         Identifying a vision for CEIAG

·         Understanding how that vision can be communicated

·         Communicating that vision to SLT/governors and ensuring careers is an integral part of the school’s improvement plan

·         Encouraging your school to pursue a Careers Quality Award

·         Highlighting existing CEIAG strengths

·         Praising - it will help staff to understand and feel supported in their role in improving outcomes for students

·         Ensuring everyone knows what is going on - engaging with the entire staff will ensure that teachers understand what career education and guidance is seeking to achieve in your school

·         Creating your own online careers platform to bring everything together in one place.  See Careers Web for further information.  It will make your job a lot easier!

·         Using social media to manage your agenda within school

·         Placing information everywhere


Joining up these dots will help you to raise the profile of careers in your school…but let’s not forget the important role of teachers in lessons, tutor time and enrichment. 

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