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Opportunities to engage Parents

Part four of four in our series "Careers Managers are only human - raising the profile of careers in your School"

Parents are a key influencer and their advice is often influenced by their own experiences.  However, this advice may be ill-formed.   In 2016 the ‘Championing Careers Guidance in Schools’ research reported that students think that only 57% of their parents were informed about careers and this proportion decreased with age and when students had left school.   It is interesting that most students (85%) thought that is was important to inform parents/carers about CEIAG in schools and 70% had been given careers advice by their parents.  Clearly, there are challenges in finding ways of bringing parents/carers and teachers up-to-date with the realities of a fast changing labour market.  There are a number of strategies you can use to give parents access to up-to-date resources and support their use of them.

  • Publicise externally to parents – use the careers page on your website, school newsletters, open evenings, options evenings, parents’ evenings, higher education evenings
  • Take advantage of opportunities around key transition points to engage parents  e.g when students:
    • enrol at school
    • move from one school to another
    • make subject choices
    • consider applying for work-experience school programmes
    • fill in course or programme evaluations
    • enter for national or other external qualifications
    • receive qualifications results and records of achievement
    • consider further education and training choices
    • consider leaving school.
  • Create your own parents careers reference library.  For further information see examples on Careers Web, Careers Planner and Uni Searcher
  • Survey parents and receive feedback

This article set out to suggest ideas about how you might establish careers education and guidance as a whole school responsibility, support teachers to contribute to their students’ career education, support students to take greater responsibility and engage parents.                        


Although a lot of schools have already embedded a programme of careers education and guidance that is known and well understood by students, teachers, parents, and governors, establishing career education and guidance as a whole-school responsibility will be a new experience for many schools.   What advice would you give to someone starting this process?  

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